Meet Susan Bilbey

My first venture into design was during the construction of our own home, assuming the role of an impromptu on-site designer—which marked the beginning of my commitment to this fulfilling discipline. I then furthered my craft by attending the School of Interior Design at BCIT for formal training.

I focus on crafting interior spaces that evoke emotional responses. Whether it’s to create a sense of tranquillity or invigoration, my approach is centred on understanding and articulating your vision within the confines of your most intimate spaces—your home. Guided by a preference for elegant solutions, I am passionate about seamlessly marrying form with function and strategically employing color, light and art to create inviting atmospheres.

Committed to the art of listening and adept at drawing out and translating visions into tangible designs, I am dedicated to creating personalized and sophisticated interiors that exceed client expectations. My goal is to bring together the right mix of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every design decision contributes to an inviting and harmonious living environment. I look forward to working with you to transform your spaces!


Interior Design Insights

Thank you for considering Susan Bilbey Design for your project. We are excited to help you create the perfect space for your family to enjoy.